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Letter to potential client

Good to chat earlier. Thanks for taking my call.
We started this business five years ago to provide a service for small to medium-sized businesses across all sectors.
Working in the space of business development, our main area of expertise is around operations - the how, when, why and who of your business processes. We help increase your margins by reducing waste and increasing productivity.
Our typical customer is an established business that could benefit from better organisation and/or businesses requiring our services to help prepare for a planned expansion.
We help you optimise and simplify your business processes, Improve your management systems and technologies, create better experiences for your customers and staff and automate a lot of the time-consuming tasks that increase costs in your business.
We have a 5-step plan that guarantees that your investment in our services will deliver a huge return. 73% of our projects have hit payback within 9 months. See our website for more on the process
We have completed works for Arkway and Caterex in the last year and have provided our services to Mulcahy Technical on an ongoing basis for the last number of years. I am proud to say that all three of these companies now run on bespoke management systems that we created for them.
The initial discovery meeting is free and we will be able to identify at least three areas of your operational processes where significant improvements can be achieved.
I would love to discuss the opportunity with you and your partners at a time suitable to you.
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